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Death Minus Zero
John Baker is one of those writers that you know from the first book, if there is any justice in the literary world, will be widely acclaimed by both fans and critics. His writing style draws the reader into the book from the first page and his stories and characters linger in the mind for days after the book is finished. The first book in the Sam Turner series is POET IN THE GUTTER. It introduces the reader to one of the most refreshing private inv...
Poet In The Gutter
Sam Turner is adrift emotionally and financially when he tells his new men's group that he's a private investigator. Soon one of the members makes Sam's fantasy into reality when he hires Sam to follow his perhaps errant wife. When murder is part of the case Sam finds himself exchanging information with the York police. Gaining a bit of fame after a televised interview, Sam is inundated with work offers and must hire some assistants. Celia, a retired...
Shooting in the Dark
A blind woman is being stalked. Or is she? When her sister turns up dead on the North Yorkshire Moors, private investigator Sam Turner has to take her seriously. A story of revenge with a strong thematic content, exploring the nature of seeing....