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The Curse Of The Blue Figurine
Johnny Dixon is a young boy living with his grandparents. He loves playing chess, reading about ancient Egypt and listening to his favorite scary radio program. When Johnny finds an old blue figurine in the basement of the local church, strange things begin happening (the house becomes infested with spiders, and Johnny starts having nightmares). Johnny finds out that the figurine is somehow related to Father Bart a long-dead member of the Duston Height...
The Face in the Frost
Prospero is a magician who lives in a very unusual (and very cluttered) house. When his friend Roger Bacon comes to visit, they both realize something is seriously amiss. There have been many signs and portents - a huge, malicious moth, a skeletal birds, bad omens from magical mirrors. After Prospero examines a book Bacon has brought with him, he realizes an old enemy is behind this, and is plotting evil. Prospero and Bacon set out to thwart said evi...
The House with a Clock in Its Walls
Lewis is a lonely boy, and not just because his parents are dead. He suffers in the way that only outcast children can. He is sent to stay with Uncle Jonathan his new guardian. Uncle Jonathan is a wizard. An athletic boy from school, Tarby, befriends Lewis while Tarby is recovering from a broken arm. They find they have things in common and start hanging out together. But Lewis decides he needs to prove his friendship, to do something extra special f...
The Mummy, The Will and The Crypt
In this sequel to The Curse of the Blue Figurine, Johnny Dixon's grandmother falls ill with a brain tumor. In order to help Johnny with the stress, his friend Professor Childermass takes him to spend some time away from home. Once on holiday, Johnny works to solve a riddle that will reveal the hiding place of the lost fortune of the late Mr. Glomus. Johnny is determined to find the hiding place of the dead man's will because there is a $10,000 reward fo...

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