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Children Of The Thunder
They are charismatic and can force everyone to do exactly what they want - the Children Of The Thunder. This skill they use ruthlessly - at first on their one, later on in a group. ...
Interstellar Empire
This book takes place after the collapse of galactic civilization (and there is no foundation). Three brothers return from exile to overthrow the mind-controlling cult that enslaved their people. The inhabitants of a small planet fight against space pirates, and on the capital world, a stranger with strange powers is meddling with the governement: but no one is sure what he is doing, or whose side he is on....
The Sheep Look Up
Sometime in the fairly near future, mankind is beset by problems of overpopulation and pollution. But the same global corporate powers that created these problems are in control. These powers attempt to capitalize on these problems by marketing a "Puritan" brand name of products, which supposedly are non-toxic and even beneficial. But only the wealthy few can afford them. The same wealthy few who are living within "secured" neighborhoods. The ra...
The Shockwave Rider

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