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The Power House
Edward Leithen is a young British lawyer who learns that one of his Oxford contemporaries, Charles Pitt-Heron, has just disappeared. Leithen learns from Pitt-Heron's wife that he has been forced to flee. By a series of fortuitous accidents, Leithen links the mystery to a retired East India merchant Julius Pavia, the latter's sinister butler Tuke, and to Lumley, an art collector, bibliophile and Establishment figure. Lumley is also the head of an inte...
The Thirty-Nine Steps
In Buchan's most famous novel Richard Hannay, a mining engineer lately of South Africa, becomes embroiled in international conspiracy and intrigue. A man is murdered, he must fly to his beloved Scotland, run for his life. The murdered man's little black book holds the encoded key to the conspiracy, but both the police and the enemy are on his trail....