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The Eighth Day
Ballantine, Dec 2002, 25.95, 384 pp. ISBN: 0345433092 In his mid twenties, Danny Cray cringes at the image of the starving artist as he has chosen to supplement his meager earnings as a sculptor with sleuthing. His latest customer, charismatic and wealthy attorney Jude Belzer hires Danny to do some research into whom and why someone has been attacking the reputation of a client. Danny easily succeeds and in return receives a nice fee. Jude a...
The First Horseman
Frank Daly is a journalist who has happened on an interesting story. Some scientists went up to Norway to recover some bodies of some long dead miners. It was thought that since the bodies had been frozen that they might still contain a flu virus that could be studied and used to develop antedotes. Unfortunately the scientists get there too late, the bodies have already been taken. Who got them? Daly begins to suspect a group calling themselves The ...
The Murder Artist
Alex Callahan is a successful news correspondent. He is also an estranged husband and absentee father. Given custody of his six-year-old twin sons for a month, Alex takes them on a trip to a Renaissance festival. The twins disappear during a jousting event, and a frantic search begins. The search reaches nationwide proportions, but media attention gradually fades as leads and suspects come to nothing. Eventually, the children are assumed dead by e...
The Syndrome
Ballantine, May 2001, 25.95, 464 pp. ISBN: 0345433084 In Washington DC, Adrienne Cope blames clinical therapist Dr. Jeffrey Duran for the suicide death of her half-sister Nicole Sullivan. She hires a private sleuth, Bonilla, to investigate Duran. He learns that the real Duran died several years ago at the age of two and that the good doctor never went to Brown or Wisconsin Universities as he claims. When confronted Jeff is stunned and thin...

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