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The City of Gold and Lead - Tripods Trilogy 2
Will (the main character) gets into the city of the tripods w/ Fritz his friend to find information on how to destroy their cities. ...
The Pool of Fire - Tripods Trilogy 3
Are the Tripods really invulnerable, or will the rebels' daring and dangerous scheme bring freedom to the human race?...
The White Mountains - Tripods Trilogy 1
Will Parker is a miller's son in a typical pre-industrial English village. Typical, except that as each person turns 14, they are taken by the Tripods, massive, three-legged machines, and returned with metal Caps fused to their skulls. From that time on, they are different. Will, due to turn 14, has doubts of his own, and an eccentric traveller confirms that he's right. The only safe place is in the distant mountains, where free men hide, waiting to free...