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The Leos are the results of genetic experiments but are now outlawed, under the Messianic Painter they struggle for their right to exist. Painter is a Leo, a genetically engineered combination of man and lion, in a world where his kind are outlawed he strives to survive. Loren Casaubon is an ethologist hand-rearing peregrine falcons prior to releasing them into the wild, in a world run by the USE (Union for Social Engineering). It is the USE governmen...
Little, Big
Little, Big is a story of six generations living in Edgewood. Edgewood is a place that is on no map and has a house containing magical secrets of its residents past and present. The story goes back and forth between many characters and tells the "Tale" of the family. There are fairies causing mischief and a deck of tarot cards predicting the family's future. Crowley's writing is exceptional and the story moves along easy making the reader eager to put t...