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The Bavarian Gate
This is the sequel to The Lion Of Farside. Curtis Macurdy is back from Yuulith and because some people from Yuulith won't leave him alone, he goes to Oregon. There he gets married and wants to settle down and live a normal life. World War II interupts his plans. He joins the army and with his talents becomes a spy to investigate the Nazis recruiting of people with supposed occult powers and training them to use against the Allies. He finds out that ...
The Lion Of Farside
Curtis Macurdy is a farmer, and when he marries Varia, he finds out she is not of this world. She is from a magical world seperated from Earth by a dimensional barrier. When he comes home one day and finds that his wife has been taken by the Sisterhood of her home world, Curtis sets out to rescue her. He doesn't know what he is getting into, but in the process of trying to find his wife, he becomes the invincible warlord Makurdi. He will let nothing ...