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Captain Cut-Throat
Set in 1805, during the assault by Napoleon on Britain, a silent, invisible killer is knifing sentries in the vast battle-camp poised to sail on England. Leaving notes signed "Captain Cut-throat", no one has any idea of who the assassin is, let alone how they're killing these men. A top English spy, Alan Hepburn, is captured by Fouche - Napoleons wily police chief - and is set onto the killers trail. He must discover the identity of the mysterious k...
The Problem of the Wire Cage
Frank Dorrance was found strangled in the middle of wet sand tennis court surrounded by a wire cage. There are no footprints other than his own and some others demonstrated to have been made long after the murder around his body. Dr. Gideon Fell has to figure out not only who the murderer is, but how it was done as well. Suspects include Dorrance's fiancé, Brenda White, who is in love with another man; Hugh Rowland, the other man; a young woman who ...
The Three Coffins
“The Three Coffins” is a locked room mystery. Professor Charles Grimaud is found murdered in his locked study after having met with Pierre Fley who had previously threatened him. Fley is gone, there is no way he could have left the room. The door was locked from the inside and there were two people watching from the other side. It was snowing that night and there are no footprints outside the window or on the roof. There are no other ways to get o...