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Anyone You Want Me To Be
John Robinson was the first recorded serial killer to use the internet as a means of collecting victims. He lured many women to Kansas where he made them sign BDSM slave contracts, told them he would be taking them somewhere for employment, then killed them, keeping all their possessions....
Broken Wings
A pioneering and gifted FBI profiler is fired on a technicality. He is then enlisted to help solve the murder of the man who fired him. He compiles a team of talented ex-law enforcement to search out the killer as well as the international shadowy criminal that has escaped capture. He runs into trouble (sometimes being inhibited by profiling techniques he invented), but is ultimately able to solve the murder case of his former boss....
Man Down
Atria, Nov 2002, 24.00, 325 pp. ISBN 0671023926 Wealthy power broker Mrs. De Vries funds Broken Wings, a unit with broad investigative powers headed by the charismatic Jake Donovan, a brilliant profiler with a very high-resolution rate on the cases he investigates. When an airplane blows up over Washington, killing everyone aboard, FBI Director Ravan asks Jake to investigate. When Jake arrives at the bureau he is told to go home and he realiz...
In this non-fiction book John Douglas and Mark Olshaker tell us about the FBI's serial crime unit or Investigative Support Unit. They give indept information about how behavioral profiling started, became useful, was made into an organized tool in finding criminals, and has played important roles in catching some of the US's most infamous murders and rapists. John Douglas gives much information about his background and how he became involved in what was,...

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