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Daniel Martin
Daniel Martin is a successful scriptwriter in Hollywood with a trophy mistress and lots of material success. He gets a call informing him that his estranged university friend, Anthony, is dying of cancer and wishes to see him to obtain a reconciliation. He returns to England, sees his friend (who then commits suicide), rekindles a romance with the friend's wife, Jane, whom he realizes he should have married years before, finally choosing to give up the s...
The Collector
The main character (aka Clegg) is a middle aged man who has suffered from family neglect when growing up in the lower class suberbs of London. Clegg observes a young art student, Miranda, while at work and continues to stalk her as his obsession with her grows. After winning the lottery he sees that now he has the money to do whatever he likes. Clegg plans to take her and lock her up in a house far in the country side where he plans to make her fall i...
The French Lieutenant's Woman
Charles Smithson, a fairly intelligent Victorian gentleman engaged to marry a respectable young thing, becomes fascinated by a dark-haired beauty who stands on a breakwater and stares out to sea. Thinking perhaps to help Sarah out of her misery, he falls deeply into her secrets and mystery. I have described him as protagonist and her as antagonist mainly because we see things mostly from his point of view, though she is the center of the narrative. This ...
The Magus
Nicholas, a teacher and a recent Oxford graduate meets Alison at a party. She is an Australian stewardess, quite experienced with men. They have an instant attraction and begin an affair. Alison falls deeply in love and wants marriage, but, while Nicholas loves her, he is not "in love". He has a British sense of class consciousness, and feels she is beneath him. He leaves London for a teaching job in Greece and once there his arrogance causes him so...

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