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Burden of Proof
Ace, Mar 2004, 6.50, 304 pp. ISBN: 0441011470 An explosion occurs on the galactic cruiser USS Michaelson, killing Chief Petty Officer Asher and destroying much of the Forward Engineering section. While repairs are made, an inquiry into the accident occurs. The investigation team concludes that Asher violated regulations by working solo. However, legal officer Lieutenant Junior Grade Paul Sinclair hears rumors from distraught sailors that th...
Stark's War
Sergeant Ethan Stark commands a tight-knit squad of future American soldiers, fighting under often-incompetent officers against foreign forces on Earth's moon. Sergeant Stark is the leader of an American combat squad, an soldier in a not-so-futuristic American army. They've been sent to the moon, along with many other squads, like the one commanded by his best friend Vic Reynolds. Unfortunately, they're not defending Earth from aliens, they're working ...