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This is a retelling of the epic poem Beowulf, told here from the monster Grendel's point of view. The book begins with Grendel telling us that he is in the twelfth year of his war with Hrothgar. Each year seems to be much the same as the last, and Grendel feels trapped in an endless pattern. Chapter 2 tells of Grendel's memories of his childhood: how he grew up in a cave; how he eventually left the cave and entered the world of sunlight once grown; how h...
Nobody Lives Forever
SMERSH has tried and failed. SPECTRE has tried and failed. The world's most powerful crime lords have all attempted to kill James Bond Agent 007... none have succeeded. Until now. It begins with Bond going on vacation on the European Continent, but when sudden death seems to follow him at every turn, Bond suspects foul play, but he has no idea at the horrifying extent of his ordeal. SPECTRE has returned and it's leader Tamil Rahini is dying. He h...