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Even Steven
Bobby and Susan Martin's saga began when a screaming boy ran out of the woods in the dead of night near their campsight. Sensing danger, they try to flee with the frightened dirty child. The kidnapper, however, was right on the heels of the child and agressively confronted Bobby. Fighting for his life, he killed what he later learned was a police officer. Dubbing himself a cop killer, he and his wife escape with the boy but fear what to do next. T...
Scott Free
Atria, Feb 2003, 25.00, 368 pp. ISBN: 0671786865 She is a practicing psychologist well known for her lectures, seminars and “how to” books but she wants to reconnect with her teen-age son Scott. Her ex-husband has custody of their son but Sherry Carrigan O'Toole thinks that a trip at the luxurious ski resort Sky Top Village will give them a chance to bond. One night when they were supposed to have dinner together, he skips out without telling h...