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Looking for Alaska
Miles Halter, a sixteen-year-old with a fascination for last words, begins his scholastic adventure at Culver Creek boarding school in Alabama with an introduction to his roommate Chip "Colonel" Martin, a trailer-bred genius. Chip nicknames the skinny Miles "Pudge" and introduces him to Alaska Young, a beautiful, literate and intellectually gifted teenager with a head full of elaborate pranks. Under the tutelage of his new (and real) friends, Miles lea...
The Fault In Our Stars
This is the story of Hazel and Augustus (Gus), two teenage cancer patients who fall in love with each other despite the hardships in their own lives. Hazel wants very badly to go to Amsterdam to meet Peter van Houten, the author of her favorite book, An Imperial Affliction. Unfortunately, her family can't afford the trip. Hearing this, Gus uses his wish from "The Genies" to send them both to Amsterdam where they meet the author and become very physically...
The Rejected Son
This story is about a boy name Logan struggling with life as a young adult when his family learns he is homosexual. Logan is a child and he is living with his mother. He had no memory of his father. His mother then marries a man named George who is a mechanic. George also has a young son named Tim. Because his mother married they needed to move to a different state. George had a drinking problem is often abusive to Logan. Logan and Tim however get along ...

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