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Putnam, Apr 2001, 24.95, 400 pp. ISBN: 0399147136 After giving a speech on world hunger, retired President John Harris flies from Istanbul to Rome with a stop in Athens. However, at the airport, the Greek police try to serve an international warrant filed by the head of Peru against the former President insisting he violated the Treaty Against Torture while in office by sanctioning CIA acts of violence against innocent people. Pilot Craig Da...
Kip Dawson is a Pharmiculical salesman who is whipped by his domineering wife and estranged from his children. He wins a trip to orbit around the earth from a fairly new-formed private company. He has dreamed of space travel his whole life. He and the pilot begin orbit but the pilot is killed almost immediately and communication equipment and main engines are not working. kip knows that there will be no rescue. NASA administrator is against any mission t...
Saving Cascadia
Simon & Schuster, Mar 2005, 25.00, 320 pp. ISBN: 0743250516 US Geological Survey seismologist Doug Lam is positive that the Washington state barrier island Cascadia is on the verge of an earthquake. Still Chadwick and Noble company approved construction of Mick Walker's posh casino-hotel and convention center on the island. Feeling remorse and guilt, company engineer Diane Lacombe possesses proof that her company knew about the dangerous potent...
Putnam, April 203, 25.95, 464 pp. ISBN 0399149805 A black ops operation is in effect called the Skyhook Project, a way for pilots on the ground to control military aircraft that won't or can't return to base. The system is being developed by Uniwave Industries but one of their final tests fails and the system locks in to place at fifty miles above ground. The pilots manage to regain control and another test is scheduled for Friday. When Ben Co...

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