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Darker Than Night
Pinnacle, Nov 2004, 6.99, 549 pp. ISBN: 0786016337 While investigating a drug dealer's murder, New York Police Department Lieutenant Frank Quinn discovered that a group of his peers were receiving kickbacks to look the other way on illegal activities. Before he goes to Internal Affairs, someone informed IA that Frank raped a fifteen years old girl. He chooses the moral path, but his wife and IA do not believe in his innocence and takes their da...
Death By Jury
Private investigator Alo Nudger, has been hired to find the a banker indicted for his wife's murder. The courts believe that this banker killed his wife for the financial gain of her insurance policy. But there is no body. The banker is way too sure of himself and this bothers his attorney. Despite all odds, the jury finds the man not guilty. Then, the banker's murdered body is discovered. The intricate details slowly unravel as Nudger stays on t...
Final Seconds
Although retired from the NYPD Bomb Squad, Will Harper finds himself on the job again when his former partner is killed in an explosion. His ex-partner did security for a celebrity. Will has noticed other bombings which involved famous people. He must figure out the connection to the other bombings if he is to catch this one who likes to murder by remote. Harper contacts a former FBI profiler known as Alderman. Together, they learn of a pattern ...
The Night Caller
Cancer survivor, divorcee, father, and ex-cop, Ezekiel "Coop" Cooper had no direction in life. Finding his murdered daughter changed all that. He was now dedicated to finding Bette's killer. As unseemly as it may be, Coop reluctantly teams up with a crime writer in the hopes they will bring the killer to justice more quickly. Coop soon realizes he has made a mistake, as the so called writer ends up revealing their identities to the killer himself. M...

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The Night Spider
A killer known as the Night Spider has been killing women in high-rise New York apartments, scaling the apartment buildings' walls to the apartment windows, cutting a crescent of glass where the window's lock is, unlocking the window, tying his victims up in their sleep, and stabbing them to death. Former detective Thomas Horn is assigned to the case two years after his recovery from an injury on 9/11. It is soon discovered that the Night Spider had clim...

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