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Jackal of Nar - Tyrants and Kings 1
Prince Richius called the Jackal by his enemies is a recluctant warrior who must choose between serving the aging emperor who rules his country and the young woman who he loves and who lives in the land he must make war upon. There are scenes of trench warfare where poison gas is used, magic and intrigue. Marco has uncanny knack in showing the horrors of war and the politics that fuel it and his allusions to the Vietnam war are brilliant....
The Eyes Of God
As King Akeela the Good of Liiria makes peace with King Reec, he also gets himself a bride named Cassandra. He leaves his best friend Lukien, the Bronze Knight to look after her while he prepares for the wedding. While spending time together the princess Cassandra and Lukien fall in love with each other. Yet, Cassandra has to become Akeela's wife and she does though Lukien is her lover. As she lives in Liiria she find out that she has cancer and Akeela s...
The Saints of the Sword - Tyrants and Kings 3
Bantam, Feb 2001, 14.95, 545 pp. ISBN: 0553380230 Nar Emperor Biago vows he wants peace, but all rational thinking person knows the monarch's reputation as a brutal lunatic and nobody believes one word of it. Rather than wait for the expected Biago invasion, one of his governors Elrad of Aramoor joins forces with neighboring King Gayle of Talistan intending to throw Biago off the throne. Although he seeks peace, Biago remains a Machia...