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Checkers (Literature)
There is the main character in the book who is female, she remains nameless throughout the book. She lives in the Mental hospital after her family is continually pestered by the media because her father is the member of a group that continues to deny any input to the fraud that they have commited. This name-less girl is living in the mental hospital, she refuses to talk to the psycological counsellor in "group". She would probably go home if she had anyw...
Checkers (Thriller/Action)
Teenage girl gets caught up in her fathers struggle for money and power - a great book with political undertones. Watch out for the ending - it will leave you breathless!...
Letters From The Inside
Tracey is in jail,. She puts an advertisement in a magazine seeking a penfriend and Mandy replies. Mandy is a clean cut suburban girl on the verge of adulthood and initally believes that she and Tracey are similar. She uncovers some inconsistancies in the letters though and realises Tracey is in trouble. Tracey confides that she is in a youth detention centre for a crime she does not disclose and Tracey thinks Mandy's life is perfect. She too has be...
Out of Time
Postmodernism for children seems a big step. That is what John Marsden has attempted in this book. This is a story of a boy called James. James has a friend, an elderly scientist who is finalising an experiment in time travel. When he dies James takes his machine and uses it. Some of the stories in this book seem pointless and fruitless having no satisfactory conclusion. There is a story of a young boy homeless in Mexico who may be an American sur...

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Tomorrow When the War Began - Tomorrow 1
A group of teens go camping and when they come back their town and country has been invaded by unknown foreign forces. This will be, as war always is, a turning point in their lives. Because it leads them not only to face the danger in living as hunted people in their own country but also to make the decision to fight it. In this whole process they learn about themselves and each other, they learn lessons of life that some people never learn and they...

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