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Moth and Flame
St. Martin's, Dec 2004, 23.95, 304 pp. ISBN: 0312309848 By the time he was thirty-two, Benjamin Justice won the Pulitzer, but soon saw his stature crumble to the ground when his sources proved fake. He lost his job, credibility and with few exceptions, no one in the newspaper world will have anything to do with him. Now a decade has passed since his fall from grace; Benjamin is HIV positive, has lost an eye, his lover died, and he remains a j...
Simple Justice
Simple Justice is the first in the Benjamin Justice mystery series. Justice once was a star journalist living the good life. Then he falsified a story, had to return a Pulitzer Prize, and got himself and a good friend fired - and then his lover died of AIDS. Now an alcoholic in retreat from the world, he's sucked back into journalism, the club scene, and everything else he's tried to escape, by a request he cannot refuse. While helping a rising young...