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Butterfield 8
Gloria Wandrous is a golddigger extraordinaire in New York City during the depths of the Depression, circa 1931. She escaped a molesting uncle in the sticks and has made her own way in the big city ever since. When she tangles with prosperous businessman and Yale grad Weston Liggett, it's hard to tell who's leading whom. Other characters -- her friend Eddie, a cop; architect Paul Farley; other young men and women about town; and Liggett's wife Emily and ...
From the Terrace
Emotionally stunted by a cold father, Alfred Eaton fails to do the difficult things necessary to establish loving relationships of his own. Because he fails to make timely decisions and act on his own he winds up a middle aged man with comfortable material resources but no meaningful vocation and an increasingly problematic marriage with a woman he truly loves. O'Hara provides plenty of sex as well as a fine fictionalized account of the USA from 1900-195...