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Book of Names - Diadem 1
Score, Renald, and Pixel are three teenagers from alternate worlds located on the edge of a mystical reality called the Diadem. When the teens start exhibiting strange abilities, they are taken by mythical creatures to another world in the Diadem where a wizard schools them in the use of their magic. During their stay, the three find strange puzzles, codes and clues that allow them to perform powerful spells, solve mysteries about each other and outwit...
The Secret of Dragonhome
Melayne and young Sarrow are both talents or people of magic powers in a world full of war and torment. The king of both sides need talents to win the war. One day Melayne and Sarrow are coming home and discover their house in flames and their parents dead. So the set off for their aunt who lives far away and must hide on the way or be caught and killed in war. On the way they find Dragonhome and the mysterious man named Lord Sander. She must find out wh...