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Bannerman's Ghosts
Morrow, Mar 2003, 24.95, 390 pp. ISBN: 006000584X Artemus Bourne owns much of the world including most of the elite politicians around the globe. What he fails to possess, he plans to control soon. However, used to having his way always, he becomes livid when he receives a special package sent from his Angola based VaalChem company that is supposed to contain vials to profitably spread the plague. Instead he opens the container to find three s...
Elizabeth Stride is an assassin who is trying to put her past behind her. Martin, who is the love of her life is in the same sort of business but cannot completely give it up and Elizabeth gets so tired of being on the run that she decides to start all over again on an island off the coast of South Carolina. The two of them get caught up with kidnappers and assassins who are after the young niece of a radical moslem who wants her inheritence which encl...