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A Hymn Before Battle
Humanity isn't alone in the Galaxy anymore, Aliens have arrived and have a "Good News - Bad News" greeting. "The Earth in the path of the rapacious Posleen, the peaceful and friendly races of the Galactic Federation offer their resources to help the backward Terrans—for a price." It turns out the Posleen, a Centaur like species is your worst nightmare ... imagine a hungry Australian Saltwater Croc crossed with a fine thoroughbred racehorse ... armed w...
Against the Tide
Baen, Feb 2005, 25.00, 402 pp. ISBN: 0743498844 In the distant future, the United Free States felt safe inside its paradise. The UFS avoided war for centuries but spent a fortune on a military deterrent leading to a collective national ego believing that the country had military superiority over everyone. Thus a terrible defeat at sea to the tyrannical enemy New Destiny is a major shock though it should not have been since the UFS was using unt...
East of the Sun, West of the Moon
The author writes about a world where there is no war, work is optional, a worldwide computer system manages energy consumption and the weather, people teleport around the globe just for fun, life expectancy approaches 500 years, and almost all of those 500 years are spent in good health. The world is ruled by a council of thirteen people known as “Key-Holders”, because they each possess a key that allows them to control critical systems in their world....
Gust Front
In this sequel to "A Hymn Before Battle", the main protagonist, Mike O'Neal, faces off again with the deadly alien Posleen. Using his experience as an Armoured Combat trooper, O'Neal must help organize the defense of planet Earth from the rampaging alien hordes. Human ingenuity and advanced Galactic technology combine to give the human race its most effective tool in the struggle: the Armored Combat Suit. A heavily armed and armoured one-man tank, the...

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There Will Be Dragons
Baen, Nov 2003, 25.00, 538 pp. ISBN: 0743471644 Humanity lives in a veritable Garden of Eden with disease and death conquered. Mankind lives in a Utopian Olympus controlled by the computer “Mother”, who monitors and calculates probable outcomes. Mother realizes that there is a 99.9999915% chance that the humans will go to war as the council, who oversees her, is squabbling and there is a 17.347% probability they will wipe out the species. Howev...

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