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Agent to the Stars
Hollywood agent Tom Stein gets the shock of his life when his boss Carl tells him to take on a new client; an alien being called Joshua. Joshua is the representative of a race of aliens called the Yherjak, the have a ship in orbit and want to make first contact with humanity. But they are amoeba like creatures that communicate mainly through smell, and after investigating out pop culture and scifi films they realize that they resemble stereotypical al...
Old Man's War
Tor, Jan 2005, 23.95, 316 pp. ISBN: 0765309408 When he turned seventy-five, earthling John Perry visits the grave site of his wife of forty-two years Kathy interred in an Arizona cemetery. He reflects how much he misses her, how he hates coming here, and that her last words dealt with finding vanilla as she was making pancakes when she died of a stroke. With nothing to keep him here, John abruptly decides to join the Colonial Defense Force stru...
Old Men's War
Earth has reached the stars and been slammed back into isolation. Humans are out there colonizing the galaxy, but Earth itself is cut off from it, becoming almost a backwater. The Colonial Defense Force (CDF) ensures that this remains so. John Perry decides to join the army and fight aliens. He gets a new, grown body (green and all) that will make him young again (even if he's not completely human anymore) and the extreme possibility of dying out in th...

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