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Henry's List of Wrongs
They call him the Assassin. Henry is not what you'd call a nice guy. In fact, he's merciless, relentless, not to mention downright mean. He's at top form, and he stepped on every toe he could find on the way up. When a strange attack of conscience overwhelms him, Henry finds himself on a mission with a psych student/maid who drives him crazy and pushes him ruthlessly to make it to the end of his List of Wrongs. This means confronting a number of peo...
The Dead Father's Guide to Sex and Marriage
Downtown, Jul 2004 ISBN: 0743466268 Incumbent Cleveland Mayor Joseph Way Sr. is battling challenger Lester Ratcovic in a dirty campaign. Joseph's son Assistant DA Joe Jr. is a popular local figure for having been a former college football star and being influential in bringing the return of professional football to the city. Sr. constantly reminds the Dog Pound of his son's sports accomplishments. The Way approach to politics shared by both ...