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Notes on Falling Out of Love
Martin Stark is a man who never lies. His friend David St. John has never been in love. David meets and falls in love with Tess. Tess meets and falls in love with Martin. Each character does extensive thinking on the nature of love and the various ways it falls apart. Each of the characters is deeply explored. Tess is mentally unstable and occasionally suicidal. She is driven to the edge, and she decides to end the situation in her own way....
Something That Happened
This is a story told by the six male main characters. They are wild, out-of-control teenagers who do too many drugs. They meet a girl, and they all fall in love with her. Her influence begins to tear their friendships apart. When she decides to run away from her abusive home, our six heroes go with her. Her father, a police detective, follows ... with backup. ...