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Death By Station Wagon
Kit Deleeuw is a private detective in Rochambeau, New Jersey, an affluent suburb. Deleeuw used to work on Wall Street but was fired in a scandal which almost sent him to prison. Two kids from the local high school are found dead on the Brown estate. It looks to the police like a murder-suicide. The Brown estate is sought by developers who will pay $60,000,000 just for the land. The two dead students are Ken Dale and Carol Lombardi. Friends of Ken appr...
The Last Housewife
Private Investigater Kit Deleeuw is hired to find the real killer of the school principal, because his client is accused of the killing. Soon, he is threatened by Tobias, a teenager, to drop the case or he'll be sorry. Kit's son Jason is beaten up. Tobias calls the youth services and says Kit harassed him. Kit must prove not only his client innocent but now himself as well....