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Eiger Dreams
The author writes about his passion for mountain climbing and those individuals whose lives have helped to shape the sport. From Mount McKinley (Denali) in Alaska to Mont Blanc and the Eiger in the Alps to Mount Everest in the mighty Himalayas Krakauer has been there demonstrating that no climb is too dangerous or difficult for these daring, ambitious, and slightly crazed hobbyists. Impassioned by the thrill of testing their resourcefulness against the...
Into the Wild
In April 1992, Christopher Johnson McCandless, a young man from a wealthy family, hitchhiked to Alaska. He had given twenty five thousand dollars savings to charity and rid himself of all his worldly goods, motivated by his reading Leo Tolstoy. Tolstoy believed in the ideals of work and rejected the physical comforts of the larger society. McCandless, an idealist who had recently graduated from Emory University, sought to put Tolstoy's ideas into prac...
Into Thin Air
Jon Krakauer, an experienced climber and outdoor journalist, was sent to climb Mt. Everest in Nepal in the spring of 1996. Late at night on the evening of May 9, 1996, after weeks of grueling climbing, acclimatization to low oxygen at high altitudes, illness, blinding snow, bitter cold, and hurricane force winds, the clients of several climbing organizations from the US, New Zealand, South Africa, and Taiwan reached an altitude of 26,000 feet before m...