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Blood Diamonds
Forge, April 2002, 25.95, 384 pp. ISBN 0765302266 It is over a year since the events in New York and it appears that the relationship between detectives Palestinian-American Ben Kamal and Israeli Danielle Barnea is at an end. He is returning to America while she tries to reconcile with the National Police. On an undercover assignment for her old boss, a trap is sprung and Danielle is arrested supposedly for killing her immediate supervisor. ...
Keepers Of The Gate
Forge, Apr 2001, 25.95, 320 pp. ISBN: 0312856555 Destiny has played a horrible trick on Palestinian American Detective Ben Kamal and Israeli Chief Inspector (Packed) Danielle Barnea. They met during a joint investigation and became lovers, but Danielle ended it because she knew they had no future together. Her compatriots will never accept Ben as her lover of husband, but only a deadly enemy. After a time, the duo becomes lovers agai...
The Last Prophecy
Forge, April 2004, 25.95, 384 pp. ISBN 0765309696 She was the commander of the Israeli National Police but became persona non grata in the country she loved. Ben Kamal was a former Palestinian-American detective until he realized that nothing he could do could change the political climate. Unable to stomach the hopelessness of the situation and wanting to be with his exiled lover Danielle Barnea, they accept jobs in the safety and security servi...