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Patty Burgland is unhappy in her marriage to Walter. Recounting their experiences getting together and her previous life as a star athlete at the University of Minnesota, she tries to find fulfillment as a homemaker and as a mother of two children, Joey and Jessica. However, as her children grow older and need her less and less, she finds her life to be boring. She has always had a crush on her husband's best friend and college roommate Robert Katz, and,...
The Corrections
Alfred Lambert, the ordered and ethical patriarch of a classically repressed Midwestern family, is suffering from Parkinson's and mental delusions as well as physical aging. His three kids have tried to escape the foibles and control of their parents, and have both succeeded and failed. Oldest son Gary is a successful businessman teetering on the edge of a breakdown. Chip lost his college teaching job after getting involved with a student, and has run of...

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