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A Killing Night
Dutton, April 2005, 23.95, 304 pp. ISBN 0525948651 Max Freeman was a Philadelphia cop until he gets injured so badly he received a disability pension. One of the people he shot was an unarmed youth and he was unable to cope with what he had done even though it was called a justifiable shooting. He leaves the Northeast and head to Southern Florida where he works as a private investigator for attorney Billy Winchester. Max's ex-lover Detective...
A Visible Darkness
A series of elderly women have died and the police and medical examiner's office have concluded in each case that the women died of natural causes due to age. But a daughter of one of the women has contacted Billy Manchester and asked for his help in finding out who killed her Mother. Billy agrees that something isn't right and with nothing more to go on than the strange coincidence that all the deceased women had recently sold their life insurance polic...