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As She Climbed Across the Table
Philip Engstrand is a professor who studies other professors and their disciplines. He realizes he is deeply in love with particle physicist Alice Coombs right about the time she becomes engrossed in a possibly monumental breakthrough: the creation of a singularity -- a black hole -- in the lab. Philip grows frantic as Alice and many others on campus become enthralled by this "Lack": speculating on which objects it will engulf and which it rejects. Other...
Gun, With Occasional Music
Conrad Metcalf, is a down on his luck P.I., out to investigate the murder of his one-time employer Maynard Stanhunt, an even heavier drug user, and clear the man accused of his murder, Orton Angwine. To aid (or hinder) him along the way are genetically altered animals and babies (altered to have the mind of adults), the dystopian police, and a backroom mob scene intent on keeping track of Conrad. But luckily for Conrad, he has the license (as a P.I.)...
Motherless Brooklyn
Narrator Lionel Essrog is an orphan who has Tourette's syndrome (the often uncontrollable urge to shout nonsense, touch every surface in reach, and rearrange objects). In the 1970s he and a small group of other boys were "borrowed" from St. Vincent's Home in Brooklyn by Frank Minna, a local small-time crime boss and fixer, for odd jobs. Now, some years later, they're the "Minna Men," who work out of their mentor's "detective agency/limo service" but m...