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The Girls He Adored
Max is a sociopathic killer, with multiple personalities. He meets Dr. Irene Coogan, a psychiarist, in prison where he is being held for murder. Max has a taste for strawberry blondes and notices Irene's natural haircolor. He kidnaps her and takes her to his farm in the mountains which he shares with Ms. Miller...his former teacher, lover and current controller. Ms. Miller and Max share a past that drives him to kill young women with strawberry blo...
Twenty Seven Bones
Aria, June 2004, 25.00, 288 pp. ISBN 0743446534 He was an FBI agent for twenty-seven years, looking forward to retirement so that he can play golf and catch up on his reading but now that the time has come E.L. Pender is bored silly. He occasionally teaches a course at Quantico where he meets his old friend Julian Coffee, the chief of Police of St. Luke, an island in the Caribbean. Julian offers him a free vacation in his tropical paradise if P...