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Everything is Illuminated
This extraordinary prize winning first novel is a medley of three exuberantly written interconnected stories. First there is the story written by hilarious Ukrainian Heritage Tour guide and translator Alex Perchov. Alex describes the trip that Jewish-American Jonathan Safran Foer is making to Ukraine to try and locate a Ukrainian woman called Augustine from the small shtetl called Trachimbrod. Augustine helped his grandfather escape from the Nazis. O...
Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close
This book switches back and forth between a boy named Oskar, who lost him father in the World Trade Center attacks and is trying to find some meaning, and a young back during WWI named Thomas. Oskar finds a key that belonged to his father in an envelope with the name Black written on it. So, he sets out on a journey throughout New York City to find out where the key came from and what it means to his father. Thomas in a young boy in a Eastern European ...