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Color Blind
Morrow, Nov 2004, 24.95, 352 pp. ISBN: 0060541040 NYPD Detective Floyd Brown does not want to leave the “City” for his old working area, the Bronx, but two repulsive mutilated corpses are there. The killer has left a trademark at each crime scene, weird paintings. Baffled by the “clues”, he decides he needs a consultant and the obvious one is his former partner turned art historian Kate McKinnon who worked on the Death Artist case that somewha...
The Death Artist
Morrow, Sep 2002, 24.95, 352 pp. ISBN: 006000441X The first victim was found dead in his bathtub with an arm hanging over the side as if the individual posed for David when he painted his famous portrait Marat. The second corpse could have modeled for a Picasso masterpiece. The art world is horrified and obviously frightened while law enforcement wonders if a new serial killer, THE DEATH ARTIST, has surfaced. Kate McKinnon Rothstein feels at...