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Ptolemy's Gate
There are three characters in this book. A commoner (no magical powers), Kitty Jones, a magician: John Mandrake, and a slave spirit, Bartimaeus. Nathaniel and Bartimaeus, enemies to the end, must work together to defeat group of people who have cropped up to bring down the British government and to keep Nathanie'ls posistion among the great magicians free from opposing ministers. Evil spirits spread across London. Nathaniel is the only one who ma...
The Amulet of Samarkand - Bartimeus 1
Nathaniel is an apprentice to an average-skilled magician to whose tutorship he was committed since the age of six. The boy soon discovers that he is more clever and potentially more powerful than his tutor and studies a lot of magic on his own. Once some colleagues of his master come to visit him and it so happens that Nathaniel angers one of them, Simon Lovelace, who pays a cruel joke on the boy. Nathaniel's only desire becomes to take revenge. So ...