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Jonathan Tropper Message Board 1/1/2012
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One Last Thing Before I Go
One Last Thing Before I Go follows the story of a once famous now unemployed musician who has lost his way in life. Upon receiving news from his ex-wife's new fiancÚ that he'll die soon due to an illness he attempts to reconnect with his estranged family. Tropper writes with both humor and sadness. Masterfully bouncing between the two on the same page. His protagonist, Silver, is someone who despite all odds you want to cheer for. ...
Plan B
Plan B follows 5 main characters rather then just one. Ben, Alison, Lindsey, Chuck and Jack are five friends who met in college and who have just turned 30. Their lives are no where near where they thought they were heading and each one is trying to cope with that fact. Spiraling out of control, Alison, Lindsey, Chuck and Ben plan to kidnap Jack and hold an intervention for him. Planning on hiding him in upstate New York while he's in detox, to their...