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Cold Justice
Kensington, June 2002, 23.00, 368 pp. ISBN 1575668270 The Bayside Strangler claimed five victims before Dwayne Allen Davis was tried, convicted and executed. The man who tried that case, First ADA Owen Nelson rose to prominence for his handling of the case and is now the District Attorney. He is running for governor of California and Kali O'Brien who helped him prosecute that case is now a defense attorney. Kali is thinking of going into par...
Intent To Harm
Kensington, Oct 2003, 22.00, 304 pp. ISBN 1575668297 San Francisco attorney Kali O'Brien goes the extra mile for a woman she only knows as Betty when she agrees to meet her in a deserted park near Lake Tahoe. Betty was very insistent on client confidentiality and privilege, making sure that Kali was paid with an anonymous money order so that privilege would cover their first meeting. When Kali and Betty finally meet, they only have time to exch...
Witness For The Defense
Kensington, Apr 2001, 23.00, 336 pp. ISBN: 157566643X In the Bay area, former professional football star, Ted Harper and his wife Terri hire attorney Kali O'Brien to expedite an adoption. The teenage single woman Melissa Burke is living with the Harpers until she gives birth. Not her usual case, Kali could use the easy fee and begins to insure all the papers are properly signed including obtaining the signature of the father, Gary Ellis. Melissa ...