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All the Names
Senhor Jose is a clerk in the Central Registry of Births, Marriages and Deaths. This ordinary bachelor civil servant collects details of famous people as a hobby. By chance one day he picks out a card belonging to an unknown woman whilst collecting details about the famous people. An obsession with finding out about the woman begins and soon Senhor Jose is forging investigative letters from his boss the Registrar. He goes to the address on her birth ...
Blindness is the tale of a city stricken by a inexplicable "White Blindness". It starts with a single person and soon everyone who makes contact with him goes blind. Trying to contain the epidemic, city officials quarantine the blind and those who had contact with the blind in abandanonded hospitals and institutional buildings. Society degrades quickly as the epidemic progresses, and this story focuses on a group of seven individuals including the origin...
The Double
Tertuliano Maximo Afonso is depressed. He lives alone, teaches history and is only halfheartedly commited to his girlfriend, Maria da Paz. That is until one night he watches a movie and sees upon the screen a man who looks exactly like him, his twin in every physical way. His double. He rents and watches all the movies he can find that may have his double in them. He writes to the production company requesting information about the actor...

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