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Children of the Sea
In Children of the Sea, a ship picks up a black man named James Wait. He soon falls ill, and the other sailors tend to him as he dies. They discover some basic truths about society as a whole....
Heart of Darkness
Marlow tells his companions the story of his adventures in Africa. He is hired by a European company to be the captain of a steamer to pilot the boat through the rivers to reach the different stations. The company's pretext is to spread knowledge through Africa, but they are there to make money, particularly from ivory. Their travels through Africa are made when Africa was at its roughest, with cannibals still a danger. Marlow hears about a man...
Lord Jim
In Lord Jim, an english sailor has to deal with the aftermath of a poor decision. He abandons what he thinks is a sinking ship, loaded with passengers, but soon discovers that it never sank. He has to deal with white society's opinions. He finally escapes to a Pacific island where he finds happiness, although his past does catch up to him....
Nostromo is the story of a sailor named Nostromo, who left his own country, Italy, for a Latin American country, Costaguan by name, where he becomes respected by people there. From start to finish, Nostromo is so much concerned about his own reputation. All that he cares for is what other people say about him. He feels happy when people call him "man of the people." Once, Nostromo is asked by Mr. Charles Gould, the richest businessman and the ...

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Under Western Eyes
This is the story of Razamouv, a student of philosophy at Petersburg University, who is so interested in studying. But in time, he is startled by the traumatizing arrival of Victor Victrovitch Haldin, a bloody revolutionary who managed to assasinate a famous Russian minister, Mr. d-P. For Razamouv, Haldin is a terrorist. Hence, he betrays Haldin to the Russian police after he promised to give him a helping hand. Haldin was executioned by the Russian aut...

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