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Tales from the Wrecktory
TALES FROM THE WRECKTORY is the story of Father Frank Beckett and his 43 years at the inner-city church of Saint Timothy. Frank has a president of his parish council who is determined to oust him; a housekeeper who does not know how to clean or cook, but is great at solving real-life murders; and a female parishioner for whom Frank has special affection. He has a mother who tries to use her influence to get him made bishop; a half-sister who is on trial ...
The Bodies Out Back
An apartment too good not to rent, an absent landlady/housemate who turns out to be a he and not a she, a jealous boyfriend, and a neighbor murdered in the back yard. What more could any young woman like Phillis Toner wish for in one week end? Pat Montgomary returns from vacation to find Phillis living in his home. Together, they set about to find out whodunit. Throw in a new creepy housekeeper, a voyeur watching Phillis' apartment, a neighbor who...
The Remigrants
Books Unbound, Oct 2003, 200 pp. ISBN 1592010280 Late Friday night in the Wilbur Strand house in Ocean View, New Jersey, Alice Keene is getting worried because her husband hasn't returned from his trip to Atlantic City. It is snowing, the wind is fierce, and the grounds are slippery but even so Alice is shocked when she gets a call from the police telling her that Nicholas's car went off the 34th street Bridge. His body is not found in the car ...