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The Dewey Decimal System of Love (Romance)
Librarian Ally Sheffield is sitting at the debut concert of Maestro Aleksi Kullio with the Philadelphia Philharmonic when her 15 year dormant sexuality awakes with a vengance. Her boss notices the change in her features the next day and proclaims she's in love. She doesn't deny it to herself, even when she meets Kullio's wife who is researching poisons for a mystery that she is writing. No surprise that it's set in an orchestra and the conductor is on...
The Dewey Decimal System of Love (Literature)
Alison Sheffield, a 40 year old librarian in Philadelphia, has been celibate for 15 years, but she has fallen in love. The man she feels she has been waiting for all these years is Aleksi Kullio, the handsome and dashing new conductor of Philadephia's philharmonic orchestra. Trouble is, Aleksi is married to a gorgeous woman, Michelle, who everyone thinks is charming, while Ally is thin, bespectacled, and primly dressed. Ally realizes her love is po...