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Sophie's World
Sophie is aboutt o tur 15 when a mysterious letter arrives for her - an offer of a course in phillosophy from a mysterious man. Sophie is interested to learn about the history of thnking, but more interested in finding out abouther phillosopher - Albert Knox. There are strange messages in the letters, messages for another girls who is about to turn 15, and as Sophie unravels the mystery, she realises some alarming things about the nature of her reality....
That Same Flower
This short novel by Norwegian author Jostein Gaarder (originally titled _Vita Brevis_ -- "Life Is Short") purports to contain the translation of a lengthy 5th century letter to St. Augustine from his former mistress, Floria Aemilia. Long after their 12 years of cohabitation and parenting of a son in Africa, and their subsequent separation, she writes to him about their past, her feelings, and his ultimate choice of asceticism. The book has little narrati...
The Solitaire Mystery
Twelve Year old Hans Thomas travels across Europe with his father, in a quest to find his mother, who has been missing for eight years. Along the way they discuss phillosophy, and Hans is given a very small book baked into a sticky bun. The book reveals a great deal both about the world and about Hans himself. An absolutly brilliant and though provoking book...