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Murder Off Mike
Shauna J. Bogart, hip radio talk show personality finds herself involved in murder and mayhe, when she receives a mysterious telephone call-in to her show. This novel spotlights intense business rivalries with regard to the radio station for which she works, and intense political rivalries, all intertwined with a common thread going back to the 1960's drug/counterculture....
Slip Cue
Dunne. Jul 2004, 23.95, 288 pp. ISBN: 0312327366 On her Sacrament based TNA (talk, news and attitude) radio show, Shauna J. Bogart has college flunky Josh Friedman report that former seventies rock star turn TV sitcom mom turn alleged killer Jasmine escaped from the custody of the Monterrey County Sheriff's Department. Drugs, murder, and music sell so Jasmine is back in the news accused of killing her lover DJ Johnny Venture, who overdosed in he...