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Sorcery Rising - Fool's Gold 1
A young woman and her family travel to the Allfair on neutral ground where she meets with several adventures. Her family is plunged into an intricate scheme of murder, deception and love. She meets a young man, who learns of his magical abilities, thinks he is her friend, and then thinks she is betrayed. She learns the true magic is coming and plunges herself into an unknown world....
Wild Magic
Daw, July 2003, 23.95, 480 pp. ISBN 0756401453 At the latest Allfair, the kingdoms of Eyra and Istria put their differences aside to trade manufactured goods made by merchants from both nations. Virelai, who fled Sanctuary and his master in the arctic regions of the north, takes only the Rosa Eldi and the cat, both being more than they seem. While at the Allfair, Ravyn Asharson, king of the Northern Isles, the Rosa Eldi for his wife and they bo...