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Mikki's Song
When Kelly McWinter agrees to help his friend Stella with a relatively minor problem involving her niece, Mikki, he has no idea that he'll end up investigating a murder. What ensues is a tangled web of secrets and lies that threaten a young woman's freedom, interfere with Kelly's budding love affair, and put friendships to the test. A mixture of Texas humor, heart-pounding action, sexy nuances and mounting suspense....
Shadows Are Deadly
Welcome to the world of Indian Creek, Texas, where you'll meet some of the most amazing characters to ever grace the pages of fiction. Kelly McWinter, a retired cop who has sought out a simpler life in Indian Creek while trying to put a personal tragedy behind him. Kelly's dog, Jake, a German Shepherd who has fought some battles of his own and is still the best partner a man could ever hope for. Anna Davis, an old woman hiding from her past whose secr...