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A Place Called Home
Jove, Nov 2001, 5.99, 329 pp. ISBN: 0515131806 Five generations of Butlers have worked the soil of the family's Medicine Creek Ranch in Wyoming. However, times and financial circumstances change. Unable to pay his next note, Cody Butler is selling the ranch to wealthy outsider Glenn Hubbard, just like many of his neighbors have recently done. Glenn's attorney Shaye Frazier arrives at the Cody spread to complete the deal that the owner clea...
Distant Echoes
Berkley, Sep 2003 ISBN: 0425192113 The Brookstone Foundation provides a 2.5 million grant to movie director Jesse Spotted Horse to film a documentary on the “Stolen Children, Stolen Culture: The Story of the off-Reservation Schools”. To fulfill a promise he made to Grandma Boo to find what happened to her relative Tokalu Sapa at the DuBois Indian School, Jesse obtains permission to film at the now closed school, whose museum is part of the Duboi...
Secret Shadows
Berkley, Dec 2004, 6.50, 336 pp. ISBN: 042519941X Dane White Eagle works undercover for the FBI at the Cold Creek Lakota Reservation in South Dakota trying to find the lab where the Big Elk gang makes dangerous Ecstasy to sell to tribe members. Dane takes his dying thirteen year old sister Kylee to a party in Rapid City, but stops at his home. When he returns he finds Kylee shot with his revolver in her good hand. He quickly takes her to the n...