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Just Perfect
Zebra, Nov 2003, 5.99, 384 pp. ISBN: 0821774220 In 1804 Marquess Mallory following detailed instructions still managed to get lost on Little Lynd Moor though his retinue made it safely to their destination. Lady Hannah Thorne notices a light on the moor and rescues Mallory from feral dogs. Hannah and her escort take Mallory to the home of his cousin and the man's wife. They believe that Mallory is the right man for Hannah, as he will not fear ...
Lord Nightingale's Debut
First in 4 books...Nicholas Chastain must teach Lord Nightingale to sing in order to gain inheritance. Serendipity must find employment or she and her sister will be tossed out into the streets. Can she teach Lord Nightingale to sing?...
Lord Nightingale's Love Song
Grumpy Marquess( Edwin) of Bradford hides a secret sadness. Eugenia's determined to make him happy. Their attraction helps Edwin find his true love and part of his family history. A keeper....