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Ordinary People
Conrad tries to recover himself after the death of his younger brother Buck, and his father Calvin tries to reach out to his son. Calvin lives with his parents Calvin and Beth in Illinois, a year after the death of his younger brother Buck in a boating accident. Conrad still hasn't recovered appreciably from his brother's death. He slits his wrists one day and is nearly dead when Calvin discovers him and binds up the bleeding. Conrad is hospitalized and ...
The Tarnished Eye
Scribner, June 2004, 24.00, 288 pp. ISBN 0743257367 The small town of Blessed, located in Northern Michigan, is divided into two groups, full time residents and the summer people who live in their “McMansions”. Edward and Paige Norbois and their four children don't even bother with the summer residents because the father is a loner who come up to Blessed to get away from people. Except for the youngest children, all the members of the family ha...